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Introducing The Bird and the Bee

For Two Acres Design's first product, we thought we would do something interesting. So we made a sex menu.

Now I'm sure you're thinking, "why a sex menu?" Well dear reader, because talking about sex is hard. And it can be hard for a lot of reasons. Perhaps you grew up in a community that never really talked about sex, so you don't have the words to even describe what you want. Or maybe you and your partner have different experiences and language around sex.

So what is The Bird and the Bee?

It is a communication tool to make talking about sex less intimidating. It allows you and your partner to communicate with shared language in a less stressful way about what you may be interested in, or what you have the bandwidth for that morning.

How Do You Use It?

We tried to keep it simple. Much like when ordering at a restaurant, you and your partner pick an appetizer or two, a couple of entrees, and a desert. Obviously, you are not bound to just what's on the menu, but it can serve as a useful starting point.

Using this menu can also help build a dialog around consent. It's too easy just to go without ever really checking in with your partner to see if they're ready, or want to go to the next thing. By setting up the "meal" before hand, it can establish natural check in points to ensure you are both having a good time and want to keep going.

Download the Menu

The Bird and the Bee
Download PDF • 963KB

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