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Marketing Services


  • Graphic Design
    • Technical Illustration​
    • Web Content
    • Marketing Material
  • Website Building
    • New site​
    • Updating existing sites
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Developing a long-term plan for your venture​
    • Increase revenue through a coherent marketing plan
  • Brand Development
    • Develop your venture's online identity​
    • Create a cohesive narrative around you and your venture

My goal on every project is to set you up for success regardless of your technical proficiency. 

With every project, I like to begin by taking time to hear your vision for the project, and where you hope to go with it down the road. This helps me understand your style and gives me the ability to set up the project in a way that will support your growth, even if that's years down the road.

Once I have a solid idea of what you are after, I'll put together a rough draft of the project. This will give you a chance to make sure that I heard your vision right, and that you like the direction and style that I am putting together. 

We will then go back and forth several more times as we refine the project until it looks like the vision you originally pitched to me. 

Setting things up


Once the project is done

Once the project is completed, we will do one more once over to ensure that you are satisfied with the project. Then all relevant assets will be transferred and it will be yours. As part of wrapping up, I always do a final bit of training on the tools I used to make sure that you can make any minor changes you may need on the project. 

All projects also include a few hours of follow-up support for any issues or minor changes.

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