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Nehemiah's Portfolio

For me, the world is full of new things to learn and new ways to challenge myself. My career has taken many turns since starting film school with the goal of doing live-action video game trailers. These have included: graphic design, web design, CAD illustration, HVAC control engineering, spacecraft design, and trying to found a startup. 


This makes it a little difficult to say exactly what my niche is, but generally, I just say I am good at laying out complex technical information in an accessible way.

Graphic Portfolio

Print and Event Design
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Marketing Design
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Marketing and Tech Design
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Web Design
Game Design
Coming Soon



I have always been a storyteller. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in front of Microsoft word typing away at what I thought was an incredible story (No writing samples from this time still exist). This grew into an interest in film with my plan to become a screenwriter. Screenwriting led to film production, which led to web and graphic design as an effort to broaden my skillset.

Around the time I was beginning to do professional design work, I began developing my skillsets around technical design. This started out with AutoCAD drafting and expanded to drawing up installation guides and electrical engineering plans. Eventually I used this skillset to attempt to launch a startup developing a crew rescue vehicle for supporting missions in low earth orbit.

After being rejected for a grant to further develop the spacecraft, I decided to take a small break and work on something less stressful for a season. This ended up taking the form of me doing writing for several RPG campaigns and designing my own tabletop skirmish game from scratch.

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