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Game Design

Being a bit of a nerd, I have unsurprisingly found my way to table top gaming. Like many people it started with D&D and has since branched out... a lot. And being a storyteller, I started writing. Beyond homebrewing my own D&D setting, I have written my own RPG system, a table top skirmish game, and am working on several modules for other existing systems. 

Table-Top Skirmish

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Click here to download the print/play prototype of the game

Can your squad of trench raiders survive a tour at the front? Or will the endless attrition slowly reduce them to nothing?

Raiding party is a player vs environment table top skirmish game for 1-4 players. In the game, players are given command of a squad of soldiers and are given orders to secure objectives across no-man's-land. However, the trenches are well defended, and enemy machine guns are always watching.


Stale Biscuits

Stale Biscuits is a rules lite RPG system designed to be setting agnostic. The core system runs best in low magic, gritty worlds, where players will always have to deal with the threat of death or failure. However, its adaptability means you can run everything from a dark sci-fi campaign to Jane Austin without having to drastically alter the rules. 

Stale Biscuits Logo-01.png

The rulebook is coming soon

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