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Nehemiah James

A polymathic storyteller


I have always been a storyteller. Some of my early memories are making Lego movies with a mini VHS camcorder, and spending hours writing down story snippets in Microsoft word (with plenty of word art).


Fast forward several years, and I'm still a storyteller, I've just added a few new tools to how I tell stories. Now rather than a mini VHS, I have a DSLR that I take to tell the stories of animals and their ecosystems. Channeling my childhood love of Steve Irwin to try and raise awareness around the risks posed to many of the beautiful creatures and places we love to see pictures of.

I've also expanded my writing into two arenas. The first is as a gamer. I love taking my friends on adventures through fantastic worlds. So I have been working on a few tabletop systems of my own. I am also working on a book talking about coming out of the Conservative homeschool community, and the traumas and abuses I saw while in it. 

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